Have you ever considered offering an artwork ? 

Not an expensive one, but a work made by hand and with his heart, by an unknown artist ? 


before choosing an artwork to give as a present to someone, let’s think about how to choose one.

Does he or she already enjoy having pictures on the wall ? 

In that case, it is easy. What kind of pictures does he or she like ? On paper or on canvas, on wood, framed, unframed, colorful, dark, mysterious, figurative or non-figurative ? If you don’t know, ask the person, who will probably enjoy speaking about it  … 

If she or he has little experience of artworks, it might be a good idea to choose a painting that seems to have some of his/her personal qualities, that resembles the person :

is he or she soft, strong, shy, outspoken,..?

Does she or he like bright colours, dark colours, what kind of things does he or she like ? What is this person’s hobby or what does he or she like generally ? An artwork reflects feelings that one can connect to…

A picture on the wall is a part of yourself and your everyday surroundings. 

It is also an image that you look at making you think, feel, relax… 

Giving an artwork as a present is a beautiful thing, if it really fits the person.  

It is a step towards him or her, towards understanding him/her in a deeper way. 

Art is also therapy, because it gives you a moment of silence when your eyes meet the image and you can reflect yourself in it, seeing different things every day, sometimes in a different light. 

You can offer someone or also offer yourself an artwork, connecting your feelings to the artist’s expression of his.